SKU Barcodes

Monday, Mar 18, 2019

Changes to SKU Barcode Functionality

There has been new development in the methodology of receiving barcodes pertaining to skus. Until now, there have been two fields for providing barcodes for a sku: customer_bar_code and vendor_bar_code. However, there may be situations in which these two bar code options simply do not suffice.

To resolve this, we have added a new field to the Sku creation endpoint for passing a list of barcodes for the sku; you can now supply a bar_codes field to list all the barcodes that are tied to the item. Please see an example below, or refer to the SKU spec here.

  "customer_identifier": "pants4523",
  "customer_bar_code": "2345687902",
  "vendor_bar_code": "39485627389",
  "bar_codes": ["85962198623", "3459189485324"],
  "vendor_style": "FP-pants",

This new field is not required, meaning that this change does not break current implementations/integrations. As before, the barcodes passed into this list must be unique to the sku and the API will return some validation errors if one were to try to provide the same barcode for two different items. One can append to the existing list of barcodes for an item by including additional barcodes in a Sku update/PUT request.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Chris, Andy, or Christopher with any questions.